Lyceum Premium


Lyceum Restaurant is one of the best Shanghainese restaurants in Shanghai. It has a history of more than 30 years and is also a very pure local cuisine. Therefore, we designed this restaurant with an eclectic approach, hoping to express the spirit of Shanghai's inclusiveness. The simple, comfortable and warm dining space also retains the style of old Shanghai Art deco, from the details to experience the feeling of Shanghai style culture. It is also an inheritance of Lyceum's brand image.

At the same time, we keep the style from the exterior to interior. The space has a sense of hierarchy in the way of falling. From the scattered seats at the entrance to the card seats at the back, and then to the private rooms inside. The partition walls of our private rooms can be fully opened. Such zoning meets the different needs of customers, ranging from casual dining to private dinners, and even large-scale events such as conferences.

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