No.88 art space

No. 88 art space is an art laboratory connected to intellectual creativity, enriched by the 5 sense, to see, to hear, to taste, to smell, to touch. When there is no class the classrooms can be used by the students.

Art space is designed as a space to let the creativity flow in a natural way, because the feeling itself is different from any other art space. It’s an art gallery that exhibits the work of art and at the same time the artist during the creation making a tribute to the human’s ability to develop ideas.

Each classroom has a function but at the same time can be adapted according to the needs, from class to art event, conferences and workshop.

In the same way that art has no limits this space was meant to give the limitless idea inspired from the circles and the continuous circulations. Each classroom as a spot light a focus point and the continues circulation as the art path for the visitors and students to experience the lively creation gallery.

According to the design process we also left spaces for self-creation and thinking corners as well as group discussion areas, because flexibility is the key for imagination development in order to have innovative creations.