Shanghai Municipal Daycare


860 sqm


A mother’s hug, in the ECO village

Shanghai Municipal Kindergarten is a public kindergarten directly under the Shanghai Municipal Education Bureau. The parent-child branch is located on Kangping Road. It is designed to serve parents and children, improve parenting skills, and promote the harmonious development of parent-child relationships.

During the design process, Liben Design fully considered the surrounding environment and the historical background of the building itself. On the basis of retaining the characteristics of the original building, ingenious renovation and expansion have been carried out. The new modern building has a dialogue with the historical preserved building, creating a parent-child center that not only meets the needs of modern education, but also has historical heritage and cultural value.

Combining the teaching content and concept of the parent-child class, the design concept revolves around "mother's hug". This theme contains the experience and communication of maternal love and family warmth in our “Eco Village”.

In this ideal village design in the language of children, the entrance is like a city hall, and the painting room is like an art market... All rooms are endowed with realistic functions. We hope that parents and children can gain new experiences because of these special functions.

The renovated kindergarten building is not only a visual change, but also an improvement in the educational environment and quality of education, making greater contributions to the future development of children.