Shandong Linyi Zhengzhi Experimental School


1500 sqm


The interior design of Linyi Zhengzhi Group Experimental Middle School in Shandong Province focuses on creating a pleasant learning environment and providing students with a comfortable learning and living space. The design team fully considered the actual needs of students and the teaching characteristics of the school, and created a modern, efficient and comfortable educational space through innovative design concepts and advanced technical means.

First, the design focuses on the practical needs of students. The layout design of the classroom is flexible, and the division of multi-functional teaching areas is adopted, so that students can freely switch between different learning and communication environments. At the same time, the classrooms are equipped with advanced teaching equipment and multimedia systems, so that students can obtain information more conveniently and improve learning efficiency. In addition, the classrooms are also equipped with air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and other facilities to ensure the comfort of students' learning and living environment.

Secondly, the design focuses on innovative teaching concepts, focusing on the combination of teaching and practice to provide students with a broader learning space. In addition to ordinary classrooms, the school has also set up multiple laboratories, maker spaces, reading rooms, etc., providing students with diversified learning resources and practical opportunities. In terms of space layout and decoration design, designers have fully considered various educational needs, so that students can experience rich and diverse educational experiences in different learning places.

Finally, the design emphasizes integration with the natural environment, creating an eco-friendly learning environment. The school has designed a number of landscape gardens, indoor green belts, etc., integrating natural elements into the educational space, so that students can enjoy the fun of learning in a green environment and better feel the charm of nature.

In general, the interior design of Linyi Zhengzhi Group Experimental Middle School in Shandong Province has fully considered the practical needs and teaching characteristics of students, creating a modern, efficient and comfortable educational space, providing students with comfortable and pleasant learning and living space to help students better achieve all-round development.