Uniskin Clinic



Exterior & View


The project of Uniskin Pudong flagship store is positioned as a super first-class medical beauty service experience center in Shanghai, including cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, oral care, inspection, medical beauty surgery center, VIP specialist clinic and other functions.

We extracted the brand gene of "rationality, exploration, science, and unique aesthetics" of the brand, and took "retrospective" as the concept to express the reversal and new life in the space by integrating the Mediterranean natural style into the rich light and shadow changes through the flowing form .

The overall space is pure and simple, reflecting the organic lifestyle of the Mediterranean coast, and the minimalist light and shadow effects highlight the surreal atmosphere; calm and comfortable colors, soft and intimate daylight atmosphere, and simple and elegant furniture style permeate every design detail , so as to give customers a unique medical beauty experience, and demonstrate the professionalism and uniqueness of the brand in the anti-aging direction of Chinese people.